Big Rock Wealth Management provides myriad financial services, most of which can be summed up in three areas of practice:

  1. Financial and Estate Planning—An excellent financial plan should fundamentally do three things. First, it should plan for the growth and preservation of your wealth. Second, it should plan for adequate lifetime income, third, it should plan for the distribution of your wealth during life, as well as at death. These goals should be accomplished in the most tax efficient manner and they should be coordinated among your team of professional advisors, including attorneys and accountants. This plan should be dynamic and it should be periodically reviewed and updated as conditions and circumstances dictate.
  2. Investment Advice—Everyone has advice for you. It’s on television. It’s in the newspaper. It’s in magazines. It’s on the internet. All of this advice has one thing in common.It was created for the masses. What would you think of your doctor if he sent his nurse out to the waiting room with a bottle of pills, prescribed for you, before examining you? Yet this happens every day in the investment world. We see a an investment on a magazine cover or we hear a talking head on TV spouting the next new “big thing” or a “can’t miss” stock pick finds its way around your pop-up blocker. Is the advertiser really thinking of you, or are they thinking of a demographic algorithm to whom they sell a product?

    At Big Rock Wealth Management we provide specific, targeted advice based on your specific needs as identified in your plan, designed by us and you.
  3. Investment Management—This should really be called “Manager Management”. We know how to pick stocks and bonds but, generally, we don’t. Instead, we recommend to you experienced asset managers. We partner with JW Cole, which gives us access to an all-star lineup of investments and asset managers. You will be matched with a team of professionals whose investment objective is compatible with your investment objective and risk tolerance. You will have a full understanding of your investment costs and how that affects your investment performance.  We believe that investment decisions are easy to make when you are confident in your understanding of the purpose, objectives and risks associated with them. We see our job as making sure that you possess this confidence. 

Other Services Provided

Trust Services

Executive Compensation Plans

Insurance (Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Fixed Annuities, Fixed Index Annuities)

Qualified Retirement Plans (401k, 403b, SEP, SIMPLE, etc.)